Birkhoff and Associates

Experience Summary


Juliana E. Birkhoff is an experienced mediator, facilitator, dispute resolution trainer, and scholar. In her 25 years of experience as a mediator and facilitator, she has worked with federal, state, and local level government as well as consumer, community, grassroots, and public interest groups. She has designed and conducted a variety of collaborative and consensus-based multi-stakeholder dialogues, workshops, and scientific review processes designed to improve communications, develop group learning, integrate complex information and provide input into state or federal plans or policies, develop recommendations, or create agreement on plans and policies. She has particular experience in facilitating and mediating complex scientific and technical issues in politically charged contexts.

Current Projects


U.S. Air Force Community Partnerships, Florida and Georgia, 2013-current. Design and facilitate collaborative processes between three municipalities and air force bases to develop partnerships to identify assets and needs, share services, develop efficiencies, and reduce costs for air force and municipality.


Meeting Community Health Needs through Environmental Laboratories, American Public Health Laboratories, Silver Spring, MD, 2013-current. Designing collaborative process and convening two state collaborations to improve environmental health systems in states, focused on the role of public health labs in meeting community needs.


Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, 2012-current. Executive Management Council; facilitate quarterly meetings of senior career managers from all national program and regional offices.


The Forest Collaborative, New Brunswick, CA, 2008-current. Convene and facilitate a collaborative project between a forestry company and provincial environmental NGO’s to develop consensus recommendations and projects to improve forest economic, community, and environmental sustainability. Develop comprehensive capacity building programs and assess provincial policies for collaborative opportunities. Funded by The Canadian Government Social and Humanities Research Committee, Community University Research Alliance.


Healthy Schools Network, Albany, NY, 2011-current. Facilitate a collaborative project for the Network and the Coalition for Healthier Schools to develop consensus on research needs, goals, and metrics to assess and improve children’s environmental health in schools. Funded by the Kellogg Foundation.